What. Is. Happening.

I’ve been feeling kind of awful the past two weeks… This week stands out especially. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this way. I don’t know what’s going on (do I ever?). On Monday my EP (electrophysiologist) cut my beta blocker dosage in half because it was lowering my BP even more (I thought THAT was my problem). In hindsight, I should have tapered the dose down slowly but I halved it instantly and I think I’m having some withdrawl-like effects. I’ve had quite a few presyncopal episodes… My legs feel like they’re stuck in sand as I try to walk, I get tunnel vision, vertigo, feel drunk and out of it. Once I sit, I start shaking and my muscles become very weak, I struggle to breathe and talk, and I feel very nauseous. I wish I would pass out but I don’t. I’ve been feeling this way for much of the past week. I look like a tweaker when it happens. The back of my head bothers me a lot everytime these episodes occur and that scares me. I worry about CSF flow being blocked by the Chiari Malformation. Compression of the brainstem can cause many of my symptoms. 

My husband and I went out to dinner without the kiddos yesterday for the first time in awhile and I felt awful the whole time and had an embarassing and scary episode at the restaurant. I really wanted to enjoy our night out more. The view was pretty.  

I’ve had a headache/migraine for the past 9 days. It gets a little better at times but never fully goes away. Very dizzy, some vertigo. My left eye hurts quite a bit, my vision is blurry, and occasionally I can’t see certain spots or see double. I have a lot of pressure at the base of my skull and pain that wraps around to the left temple and eye. My neurologist had ordered a nerve block (injection in the neck) when I saw her last. I was supposed to go in during my next bad headache I got but she’s been out of town this week and they couldn’t get me in next week… I’m supposed to have the block done on the 27th. This can help rule in or out what nerve could be causing the pain (if it’s a nerve at all). I gave in and went to the ER today. I hate it. Fluids, zofran, Benadryl, and an Imitrex shot in my butt… That’s a first. Didn’t touch the headache but made me an incoherent, bumbling idiot for a few hours. Leads me to believe it is nerve related or from the Chiari. They couldn’t give me the toradol I’ve had before because it’s ibuprofen and I can’t have that this week before my surgery. 

Each specialist refers me back to another for everything and I’m lost in this tangled web. Cardio to neuro A to primary to neuro A to cardio to endocrinologist to neuro A to neuro B and endo to primary to —–. I don’t know who to go to anymore, especially when I’m feeling like this. I am a shit show. Thyroid removal scheduled for Friday… Woo. 


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