So Much Screaming

Our youngest will be two in a few months and has been having a rough time lately. Screaming bloody murder and throwing epic tantrums day and night. My guess is his two year molars are coming in a bit early but I really have no clue. He has all of his other teeth. With our first son, a sweet amber necklace and some homeopathic remedies did the trick – not now. We also just all got colds from hell. Nooo, super fun.  

 Hopefully ^ not the case, but viruses on top of the other excitement are lame and make my usual symptoms worse. Complain-complain-complain. 

My ENT and I decided it’s time to take my thyroid out. It’s either take it out now and completely rule out the malignancy there that my first biopsied showed (plus, I have two smaller nodules they haven’t biopsied) or wait until the nodules grow more, press my windpipe, and remove it then. At first I felt confident that that’s what I wanted… Then terrified, I’m removing an organ here… Now I’m back to whatever. My biggest fear is making myself worse but – who knows!  Who the hell knows. I’ll have to take thyroid medications and hopefully it won’t take long to get those straight… Those who take thyroid hormone can laugh at me now, I know. Surgery is currently scheduled for May 22 and I have to meet with the anesthesiologist beforehand to talk about my Dysautonomia/POTS, because – what is that!? I also saw my first neuro here for a follow-up… Not even going into it. 

The propranolol (beta blocker to slow my heart) that the UW neuro put me on is working, but also making me semi-unconscious at the same time. I’ve been tripping over things (toys, nothing, curbs – be quiet dear husband), stumbling, dropping things, and spacing out more than usual. It’s lowered my blood pressure a little bit but not enough that I’d think would cause issues. Fatigue has been ridiculous but that could be the screaming toddler + germs + stress = not sleeping much either. I’ve felt more like I’m near passing out when I’ve gone to the store lately than I do with the tachycardia, so I don’t know what to do. Give it another week before attempting to talk to someone at UW is my plan. I don’t like medications, they don’t like me… I don’t know how people who take more meds and supplements than me do it. 

^ Pretty sure that’s a Hot Tamale. 

It seems like all day I’m just thinking about if it’s time to take my next set of pills. The supplements are my choice but they seem to have made more of a difference than 90% of the pharmaceuticals I’ve been prescribed. I’m currently taking two types of magnesium, methyl B12, zinc with copper, turmeric/curcumin, cod liver oil, calcium d-glucarate, holy basil, papaya enzymes, and a strong probiotic. I cut out several others but these seem to be the “must-haves” for now. They’re all the rage! But they’re really so beautiful, like Christmas in tiny boxes. 

I have an appointment with my primary care doctor later today to try to catch him up on the latest since my neuro here wants to transfer her care to him. I also want to ask if he’d be willing to order some blood panels that can show if the mold exposure could be an issue. If he orders them, insurance will cover the cost. That’s all folks. 

7 thoughts on “So Much Screaming

    1. Hey there! First I used Thorne Meriva curcumin phytosome, then Curcu-Gel capsules, and I’m currently taking Now brand turmeric (the Thorne is pricey but seemed to work the best for me as far as joint pain). The one I’m taking Now (hah) upsets my stomach a bit if I don’t take it with a meal. The papaya enzymes are some obscure brand I never remember but they’re cheap at our commissary and work really well if I’m having digestion issues. I started with a Thorne probiotic but I’ve found that Now brand 50 billion count/10 strain works great for me and costs much less. If you don’t take a probiotic now, I’d recommend starting at a 15 billion count/10 strain and work your way up if you need it. I hope that helps!!


  1. I hope you and your family feel better soon! I felt the same way from my beta blocker (more like I was going to pass out) and found out I just needed a super tiny dose. I’m taking a quarter of the smallest dose and it seems to be helping me!

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  2. Hi, DinoPots! I think someone at my Hashimoto’s 411 Facebook group shared a link to your entry explaining what POTS is, so I figured I’d get educated. I’ve read several entries, including your recent ones, and my heart goes out to you. I’ve faced a few health challenges but nothing like yours. It’s so sad that we have to fight for our own health, searching for a better doctor or trying to educate the one we have, at a time when we least feel like it. I pray you’ll have more breakthroughs soon.

    I do believe in divine healing, and since you mentioned pursuing a relationship with God, I’ll encourage you (and myself!) to try to put that higher on the priority list. Pray that God will lead you to someone who can bring truth and encouragement to you, and also pray for your healing. There are many books on healing (“The Real Faith” is a good one) and I have a favorite author, Jennifer Rees Larcombe, who was wheelchair-bound with a chronic illness and not given any hope of recovery, but at the right time, God miraculously healed her instantly. She wrote “Beyond Healing” about things she learned while ill and confined, and “Unexpected Healing” after she was healed. Her book, “Where Have You Gone, God” is one of my all-time favorites. I wrote the only review of it at Amazon. =) Her FB page is “Beauty for Ashes.”

    If you’re planning to get your thyroid out, you might want to first join “FTPO – Without a Thyroid” on Facebook and ask for advice from those who have been through it. I’m concerned that you may have a rough time, with all the other problems not yet under control. I assume you’ve already been to if you have been dealing with thyroid problems. If you are hypothyroid, hopefully you know that 90% or more of that is caused by Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroiditis). Sounds like you are already gluten-free, which is the first step in calming the autoimmune attack, but many people get even better on the autoimmune protocol (AIP). It’s a must for severe cases. Lots of info on that online, and is one of the best. Oh, and I’ve seen cases in our group where people shrunk their nodules or they even went away when they made lifestyle changes including AIP. I realize I can’t promise that; I just know it’s possible.

    I’ve had hypothyroid symptoms for a few years and finally got diagnosed with Hashi’s two years ago. With a gluten-free diet and various supplements, I am much better. I think my underlying problem is mercury toxicity from a mouthful of fillings. But I know others whose root cause is more like yours–toxin exposure and MCS. There’s a book called “Root Cause” by Izabella Wentz that discusses all the possibilities. I haven’t read it yet but I plan to.

    Well, I could ramble on and on, but I just hope something here might encourage or help you.



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